361° Pacer ST

361°’s Pacer ST 試穿!


我試穿361° Pacer ST! 穿起來感覺MORPHIT很保護我的腳,很舒服。我喜歡361°的鞋子穿起來的感覺.保護很好!它很合我的腳, 很穩固, 腳在鞋內不會隨便滑動。我在操場試跑跳訓練時 (bounding),覺得QU!KFOAM and QU!K SPRING+可以幫我跳得更高,很好!接著,我在操場試著快跑(~3’50/km),發現我腳動得很快,因爲,Pacer ST很輕(我穿26cm,220公克)。

上週末正逢是渣打馬拉松,雖然拿到鞋子不到兩天,我還是決定穿上361° Pacer ST來迎戰半馬來試試它。一開始我有點擔心,因爲我比賽時腳常常起水泡。起跑後,配速很快(~3’50/km),Pacer ST很的跑感仍很舒服。它很輕,有助我跑快,也沒有什麽問題。這樣我可以專注於比賽。下坡加速時,緩衝性很好。跑完後,我沒有水泡!很好!我腳跑完後沒有那麽累,我覺得是因爲 Pacer ST的緩衝性。下次比賽時,我再穿Pacer ST吧!

PACER ST 今天台灣搶先全球上市囉!




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I took 361° Pacer ST to the field test. When I tied the shoe laces, the MORPHIT comfortably cover my feet.  It fits my legs very well, and stable. Do not move at all. I like this fit of 361 shoes. I tried bouncing (jump around), the bounce I get from QU!KFOAM and QU!K SPRING+ is good. It helps me push upward. I tried to run faster, then the light weight of the shoes comes in. My leg turns over smoothly because of the light weight (220g for 26cm).

I wore 361° Pacer ST at the standard chartered marathon (half). I tied the shoe laces tighter because I often have blisters after the race. It was comfortable to wear Pacer ST even at a race pace (~3’50/km). I had no problem, I was able to focus on the race. When I ran fast at downhills, cushioning was comfortably protected my legs. After the race, I had no blister. Because of the additional cushioning, my legs were not so tired as when I wear minimalist shoes. I will definitely were Pacer ST again at future races.


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